The shirt is comfortable, practical and stylish

Shirts have long gained popularity. They can be part of an office suit or an ensemble for a walk, they are worn with pleasure by students, young mothers, and older ladies. Plain or decorated with a pattern, fitted, straight or with an original design - today you can find any model. And jewelry, such as earrings, rings, bracelets, or pendants made of amber, you can immediately view on the website and choose any accessory to your image, and it is this jewelry under the shirt that will help you look fashionable and attractive! From this article, you will learn how to combine different accessories.

Shirt and jewelry - advice from designers

First of all, you need to determine the style in which your outfit is made. This will allow you to choose accessories that will look the most appropriate. For example, you can wear small earrings or a thin chain bracelet with a classic white shirt of a strict cut. But with an everyday shirt, it is better to wear less elaborate silver products.

Pay attention to the color. A business ensemble (black bottom - white top) will complement a necklace made of precious stones well - on the background of a light fabric, rich amber tones will look simply incomparable. But the decoration for a shirt made of colorful material should be as plain and simple as possible. Thin necklaces in muted, natural shades or the same earrings are best. However, you can experiment - a bright pendant against the background of a contrasting material will look bold and creative. The main thing is not to overdo it - then it will get lost among other "raisins".

The size of the decoration should also be taken into account. The more massive the thing, the less additions to it are needed. For example, a large pendant or a prominent ring may well be the only accessory.

Poussette earrings will go well with any shirt. They will not cling to the collar and get tangled in the hair.

A shirt and straight jeans are a classic of the "smart casual" style. But how to choose jewelry for such an image? It is not necessary to follow the same fashion direction. The choice is limited only by aesthetic compatibility - you can try on a large chain, an avant-garde brooch or a vintage locket.

Do you prefer to collect sets of similar products? It's a good start, but with a shirt you shouldn't wear all the items from the collection at once. It is better to limit yourself to two or three accessories - for example, a bracelet and earrings.

But the color combinations will turn out to be the case. A necklace that harmonizes with a pin or a bracelet to match your manicure is a way to demonstrate your good taste and elegance.

By trying on various accessories with shirts, you will bring originality to your image. Create, try, create new sets - and receive well-deserved compliments!

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