Bancroft Videos & Podcasts
Art Class (created by R. Armagnac)
Having Fun and Learning in Room 301
Period 3
Bancroft Library (created by R.Armagnac)
Bancroft Library
Bancroft Middle School Podcasts & Videos (created by Bancroft Middle School - LAUSD)
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Chess (created by Chess Tournament)
Chess (created by R. Armagnac)
Chess in Bancroft 2008-2009
English class (created by R. Armagnac)
English class in 302
Filming in Progress (created by Mr. Kennedy)
Filming as a learning activity
Homeless On Christmas (created by Kennedy, M)
Homeless On Christmas
I Pledge (created by Dickey's English Class)
I Pledge
Mr. Perez Music Teacher (created by R. Armagnac)
Music Class in the Auditorium of Bancroft
My English Class (created by R. Armagnac)
English class
My ESL Class (created by R.Armagnac)
A day in Room 203 with Ms. Vayas
Playing with Gravity (created by M. Villanueva)
Students trying to find a connection between the height of bounce a ball makes and the height from which it is dropped.
Students in Action (created by M. Villanueva)
Two-tank Concept Collaborative Lab Work (created by M. Villanueva)
Mr. Fadler with Mr. Villanueva facilitating a concept lab work with some Room 220 students at Bancroft Middle School
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