Friday blind chess game during lunch time in the library.

Zhora Shahnazaryan against Mr. Armagnac (Blind; without looking the chess board)

Bancroft Chess Tournament 2006

* Zhora Shahnazaryan (Bancroft Chess Champion 2005 -and - 2006


Congratulation to Zhora Shahnazaryan for his impressive result in his match against Nick and congratulations to Nick for his fighting spiritu

(Library or Room 201 during Lunchtime)
There are playing in a regular bases 77 chessplayers
The final will be taking place these coming weeks (05/12/2006)

* The best 12 chess players will have the right to play to each other 6 games

* The one that makes more points will be Bancroft Middle School Chess Champion 2006

* It will be prices for the first 3 best results.

* You will be able to see the chess table with up dates until 5/12/06

So far the best 12 are:

* 1.- Vladimir Li

* 2.- Jason

* 3.- Carlos Ortega

* 4.- Kevin G. Sanchez

* 5.- Anatholy Polyakov

* 6.- Karla Torres

7.- Zhora Shahnazaryan
Chess Champion 2005 -and - 2006)

* 8.- Arman Mukhsikaroyan

* 9.- Luis Garcia

* 10.- Gerardo Terrazas

* 11.- Anna Solis

* 12.-Nick Volchanov (Finals)

News 05/12/06

* Nick Volchanov is the one we have to pay attention to because he is a very strong chess player.

* Any way the New chess champion 2006 will be playing a chess match with Bancroft Chess champion 2005 and that means Zmora Shohnazo a very strong and intelligent chess player.
* 06/24/2006 News: Zhora Shahnazaryan (Bancroft Chess Champion 2005 -and - 2006

* This match will be taking place after the testing in the Library or Room 201 at lunchtime.
* We have other three matches that will be taking place also in the Library the first one will be between
* Vladimir Li -VS- Jason,
* Anatholy Polyakov -VS- Kevin G. Sanchez and
* Karla Torres-VS- Anna Solis (6 chess games) in each match.
* It is possible that we can have other 3 matches but until now I do not know the names.

We give a special thanks to
Ms. Webb our Principal and
Mr.Rauseo Title One Coordinator,
for the new chess equipment that
we have here in Bancroft.
At the same time to Ms. Miller
and Ms. Lawrence for let us use
Room 201 and the Library during the Lunchtime.
Thanks !!!

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