Dress for Success
Students are required to wear a white or Navy knit polo shirt and navy blue or khaki pants, skirts, jumpers, or shorts. Violating the Dress For Success dress code will result in disciplinary action. Please adhere to all aspects of the dress for success dress code:
  1. The wearing of hooded sweatshirts is forbidden on school campus.
  2. Shoes should fasten securely, with laces tied and Velcro straps closed.  Open toe and/or open back shoes are NOT allowed.
  3. Students may wear hats, visors or caps during PE, but are forbidden to wear them on campus at any other time. Hats, visors and caps are subject to confiscation if worn inside any school buildings.
  4. Students may not wear sunglasses due to safety reasons.
  5. Boys must only wear the required polo shirts at all times and MAY NOT wear sleeveless undershirts, tank-top shirts, including team jerseys, or bare midriff shirts. T-shirts cannot hang below the Dress For Success polo shirt.
  6. Girls must only wear the required polo shirts.  Girls MAY NOT wear see-through tops, tube tops, halter tops, bare midriff tops, or spaghetti-strap tops. "Baby-tees" are NOT allowed. Stomachs and chests must be covered at all times.
  7. Sweaters or sweatshirts worn over the Dress For Success polo shirts must be navy blue, khaki, or white and may not have any printing other than the Bancroft emblem and logo. T-shirts worn under the polo shirt must also be navy blue or white.
  8. Polo shirts must not be overlong or oversized. Neatness will be stressed.
  9. Pants must be hemmed and not split. Pants must not drop below the top of the shoes. Oversized, baggy, or sagging pants are not accepted in the Bancroft Dress For Success dress code.  Belts should be worn to hold pants at the waist; no initial buckles are allowed.
  10. Students may wear hemmed shorts of reasonable length; shorts may not be below the knees. Students MAY NOT WEAR short-shorts, athletic (PE) shorts or cut-offs, sweat pants or dance pants.
  11. Short skirts are not allowed.  Skirts and shorts must cover at least the mid-thigh and be appropriate for all school activities.
  12. Students may not wear special fashion items that have metal studs, spikes, large buckles, buckles with letters or initials, and chains or items that impair  safety and movement. This includes steel-toed shoes.
  13. Students may not wear or display articles or apparel that serves as "group identification attire" for off campus groups.  These include gloves, gang "rags," special hats, earrings, and clothing with special markings.
  14. For safety reasons, students may not wear overly large hoop or long earrings.
  15. Nail length must be reasonable for all students.
Violating the Dress For Success dress code may result in the following: Items may be confiscated and released only to parents; parents may be called to pick up the student or to bring appropriate clothing.

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