Consequences for Disciplinary Infractions
Students must observe school rules in order to maintain an environment conducive to learning. Consequences of disciplinary infractions will depend upon the severity of the offences. In some cases students will be required to appear before the Student Discipline Review Board. Bancroft maintains a program of "progressive discipline."

  1. Students must respect the rights and property of others.  Threatening other students,stealing or extorting money or other property from fellow students is never tolerated. Extreme disciplinary action will be taken against students who engage in these acts.
  2. Neither fighting nor rough horseplay is acceptable behavior at Bancroft.  Fighting, even “play fighting” between students can result in suspension from school.
  3. Students are expected to use appropriate language that is not abusive to anyone. Students making profane, crude, offensive or insulting remarks will be referred to the Dean’s Office and may be suspended from school.
  4. A student’s willful failure to follow instructions given by a teacher or other adult in authority is considered DEFIANCE and may result in suspension.
  5. Possession of drugs, alcohol or tobacco will result in immediate and strict disciplinary action which may include arrest and / or expulsion.
  6. Possession of dangerous items such as matches, firecrackers and weapons - including knives and guns - will result in immediate and strict disciplinary action which may include arrest and / or expulsion.
  7. Students are not to bring cameras, radios, tape recorders and laser devices to school. These items will be confiscated and released only to parents. I-pods and small hand-held electronic games may be used during nutrition and lunch but must be placed in backpacks immediately at the ringing of the bell. The school is not responsible for theft or loss of these items. DON’T BRING THEM TO SCHOOL!!
  8. During passing periods, students must act appropriately in the halls and refrain from eating, drinking, running, shoving, pushing, or engaging in loud and boisterous behavior. They should not block the  flow of traffic, but should proceed quickly and orderly to their classes.
  9. Students are expected to abide by the rules and procedures established for each class. They must follow the teacher’s directions and demonstrate respect for the teacher, fellow students and themselves.  Failure to abide by classroom rules will result in disciplinary action.
  10. Students must never deface or damage school property.  Markers, "white out" paint and spray cans are absolutely forbidden on campus.  Extreme disciplinary action will be taken against students who deface property or engage in acts of vandalism.
  11. No "gang lettering" is permitted on school papers, folders, books, backpacks, etc.  Any items with gang lettering will be confiscated.
  12. Bancroft supports a zero tolerance policy for the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

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