Discipline Standards
I was tardy to class today.  It does not matter how many minutes I was tardy, the fact is I was not in class, in my assigned seat and ready to work when the tardy bell rang.  I know it is my responsibility to be prepared and take my education seriously.  One way of showing this is to always be punctual to class.  Arriving to class tardy, I missed some important information, but more importantly, I needlessly interrupted my learning by missing important information the teacher presented. I am expected to be on time to class and it is my responsibility to live up to this expectation. I will do my best to always arrive on time to class.
My teacher reprimanded me because I was out of my seat without permission, talking
needlessly, or acting foolishly.  All of these behaviors show a disregard for class rules and
procedures, interrupt the teacher and disturb my fellow students.  I demonstrated disrespect toward my teacher and classmates; however, more importantly, I realize that I interrupted my learning by not remaining on task and not remaining focused.  I am expected to be attentive and respectful at all times and it is my responsibility to live up to these expectations. I will refrain from foolish actions in my classroom in the future and do my best to behave with maturity and respect.
I came to class today without my textbook and/or the necessary materials that I need to be successful in this class. I know it is my job as a student to organize all of my materials in a timely manner so that I can always arrive to class properly prepared. I must take my job as a student seriously.  When I come to class without my textbook, notebook paper, pencils and pens I am ill-prepared for the day’s lesson, but more importantly I am interrupting my learning because I am unable to participate in the day’s activities.  I am expected to be prepared for class and it is my responsibility to live up to this expectation.  I will show respect for myself by being prepared for class with all that I am required to have.
I defaced school property by writing graffiti on it, ripping or cutting it, sticking gum on it or taking it apart. I realize that defacing school property shows disrespect toward my parents, my teachers, my school, my fellow classmates and me. I further realize that because I defaced school property I must be reprimanded, sent to the office, and/or have a parent conference, all of which take time away from my learning. I am capable of acting in a mature manner at all times.  I am expected to treat all school property with respect and it is my responsibility to live up to this expectation.

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