School Policies
Telephone Use

Use of the school telephone is limited to important home contacts related to school business.  A pay telephone is available in the Main Office before and after school only. Students may only leave the classroom to make a telephone call in an extreme emergency. Cell phones are forbidden on campus. 
Closed Campus

Bancroft Middle School is a closed campus.  All students are required to stay on campus for the entire school day.  Students may only leave early if a parent/guardian signs them out in the Attendance Office.  The Los Angeles Police Department will "ticket" any student found out of school without permission between the hours of 8:30 am and 1:30 pm. The fine may be up to $250.00 and/or community service.

All visitors are required to check in with the Front Desk or Main Office upon entering the campus. Visiting friends or relatives are not allowed to attend class with students. All visitors must have a yellow visitor’s badge.  Parents may not attend classes unannounced.


Students are expected to attend school regularly and arrive on time. Satisfactory school
progress is dependent upon regular school attendance.  If you must be absent for a doctor's appointment or emergency, make the absence as short as possible.  Do not stay out all day when you can attend one or more classes.  You will be admitted at the moment you arrive.  Our Phone Master system will telephone home every day that you are absent.
Returning From an Absence

A student returning from an absence must bring a note signed by a parent/guardian stating the child’s name, dates of absence, and the reason for the absence. The note must be taken to the Attendance Office before first period on the day the student returns to school. The Attendance Office opens at 7:15 am to re-admit students.  A student absent for five (5) or more days due to illness must provide a doctor’s note and must be seen by the school nurse.
Late Arrival

Students must have a note from their parents explaining the reason for tardiness. If you arrive after 8:00 am, do not go to class. Go to the Attendance Office (AO) to be cleared in ISIS. The  AO will then give you a pass to class. Excessive tardies may result in disciplinary action.
Leaving School During the School Day

If you need to leave school during the day, you must give the Attendance Office a note from your parent /guardian with your phone number and the reason and time you need to leave school. Report to the AO before leaving school for a permit to leave. Report again to the AO when you return.  The adult picking up a child from school must have a photo ID and must be in the school’s computer or on the student’s Emergency Card.
Change of Address or Telephone Number

It is your responsibility to immediately report a change of address or telephone number to the Attendance Office.  It is very important that the school has accurate information where a parent or guardian can be reached in an emergency, such as an accident or illness.  Student Emergency Cards must be current.
Illness / Injury

If a student suffers a minor injury or becomes ill while at school, the student should immediately notify a staff member.  If a student is injured or becomes ill during a passing period, the student should check in with his/her next classroom teacher for permission to report to the health office. If it appears that a student has a serious injury and/or appears to be in pain, do not attempt to move the student.  Contact a staff member immediately.
MTA Bus Passes

Student bus passes are sold by the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority.  This pass is for unlimited riding on most District lines within the Los Angeles County.  Applications may be obtained in the Attendance Office.

The cafeteria opens at 7:15 AM.  Breakfast, nutrition and lunch are available in the hash lines.  The Student Store also sells snack items during nutrition and lunch.  Bancroft participates in the Federal Meal Program.  Meals are provided at no cost or at reduced prices to those who qualify. Meal applications are given to students early each school year to take home to parents. The No Child Left Behind Education Act requires that all students complete a meal application. Those who qualify receive meal tickets several times a year.  Tickets should be kept in a secure spot as lost tickets cannot be replaced. Students must not sell their meal tickets.  Students without tickets can purchase meals - $1.00 for nutrition and $1.25 for lunch. See Where to Go For Help if you have any questions about the Federal Meal Program.


Only in the case of an emergency will the attendance office forward messages from parent to student. To prevent unnecessary classroom disruptions, non-emergency messages will not be delivered.
Health and Medical Condition

A school administrator and the school nurse must be notified if a student with a medical or health condition requires accommodation at school in order to participate in the educational  program.
Medication at School

Students must have written consent in order to carry or use medication on campus. A student who needs to take medication during school hours must have a statement to this effect on file in the Health Office, signed by the prescribing physician and the parent / guardian. The required forms are available in the Health Office.  School health personnel do not prescribe or give advice regarding medication.
Disease and Injury

A student returning to school following a serious or prolonged illness, surgery or other hospitalization, must have a written permission from a licensed health care provider, including any recommendation regarding physical activity. Safety procedures required by the school administration and the health services personnel must be agreeable to the parents / guardian prior to the readmission to school.
A student returning to school with sutures, casts, crutches, leg brace(s) or a wheelchair must have a physician’s written permission to attend school and must comply with any safety procedures required by the school and health services personnel
An excuse (less than 10 weeks) from a physical education class may be granted to a student who is unable to participate in a regular or modified curriculum for a temporary period of time due to illness or injury.  A written request is needed from the student’s health care provider.
The safety of all students is a priority at Bancroft.  Fire drills are conducted monthly and lock-down and earthquake drills are conducted on a regular basis.  Special considerations are made for our students who use crutches or wheelchairs.  Students should take emergency drills seriously and display their best behavior.  During emergency drills, students are taught take cover procedures, how to leave their classrooms, where to stand on the yard, and where to reconvene with parents if necessary. The school's Safety Plan is kept in the Main Office and is available upon request. 

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