Tips on How To Study
  1. Find a quiet place to study.  Make sure it has plenty of light and is free of distractions such as radio or TV.
  2. Have all your necessary supplies close at hand, such as pencils, paper, books, a dictionary and a ruler.
  3. Schedule study time at the same time every day so that studying becomes a habit.
  4. Budget your study time.  Make a schedule.  Allow more time for difficult subjects.  Set time limits for each assignment. Take short breaks.
  5. Organize a notebook.  Have a separate section for each subject.  Take notes in class for review.
  6. Keep assignment page for each class.  Record class work and homework assignments and the marks you receive.
  7. Review the material before you begin to study. Concentrate on what you are reading. Reread those parts you do not fully understand. Take notes.
  8. Review your work by asking yourself questions and by summarizing what you have studied. Use your notes and textbook for review.
  9. If you cannot find an answer, bring the question to class the next day.
  10. Have a positive attitude towards studying.  It is the key to success.

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