Student Academics
Required Student Materials

All Bancroft students must bring all materials required by their teachers on a daily basis.
Report Cards

Progress reports are issued approximately five weeks after the start of the semester.  Midterm and final grades are given at the 10-week and 20-week points, respectively.  Teachers will send home other notices of progress as appropriate. Parent conferences may be requested at any time.

Textbooks are distributed at the beginning of the school year. Textbooks must be covered.  Book covers are available in the Main Office.  Worn out book covers need to be replaced immediately. The teacher's name and student's name must be written on the inside cover of the book.

Students must pay for lost or damaged textbooks.  Payment must be made before the student can be issued a replacement book.  Students must clear all textbook debts in order to receive the final report card, obtain final clearance when checking out of school, or obtain eligibility for culmination.
Paper Headings

The standard heading should be placed in the upper right hand corner of the page.
   Standard Heading:
     Last Name, First Name
     Subject, Class Period
Homework Policy

Middle School students may have homework from 1 to 2 hours each night.  Additionally,
students will also be assigned book reports and special projects.  In addition, all students should read for pleasure a minimum of 20 minutes each night.  The State of California recommends 10.
Homework Buddies

Students need homework buddies in each class.  A homework buddy is someone to call for assignments when a student has been absent or when a student is unclear about the details of an assignment.
Student Guidelines for Homework
  1. Homework, once assigned by the teacher, becomes the responsibility of the student who should know the content, process and due date.
  2. It is the responsibility of the student to ask the teacher questions if he/she does not understand the homework assignment.
  3. It is the responsibility of the student to inform the teacher in advance of any personal situation, which may make it difficult to complete the homework assignment on time.
  4. Every student should have a three-ring notebook  with dividers for each period to keep all schoolwork including homework.
  5. Homework includes studying for tests and reviewing material presented in class.
  6. Students are expected to cultivate independent study habits through homework by following study techniques outlined by teachers and listed below and by practicing skills developed in class.
  7. Write all class agendas and assignments in your Planner.

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