Mrs. Lissette Galdamez
Dear Students, parents/ Guardians,

Welcome to a new school year! Your child is enrolled in the Spanish 1 class as an elective curse. In this class communication with grammatical component is emphasized as well as the sharing and understanding of cultural information. Some general topicHorizontal Rules that will be covered are:

  • Basic vocabulary (days of the week, months, numbers, etc.)
  • Holidays and Season and their relation to the culture
  • basic grammar structure (pronouns, verbs, and articles)
  • How to communicate in different contexts (tu vs- usted)

Grading System:
A-------> 90-100
B-------> 80-89
C-------> 70-79
D-------> 50-69
F-------> 49 or below

The final grade will be determined by the following criteria:

Exams (oral/ written), projects-----------> 30%
Quizzes/ warm-ups/ participation-------> 30%
Homework--------------------------------------> 30%
Class activities--------------------------------> 30%

if you like to know more about your child's progress, please call (3230 993-3400 or send me an e-mail

Lissette Y. Galdamez
Spanish Teacher , Room A

phone: 323-993-3434

929 N Las Palmas Ave.
Los Angeles, California 90038

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