Ms. Stephanie Lawrence
Welcome to the Bancroft Middle School Library
I.  Library Hours
A.  Monday-Friday (7:30--4:00) including lunch.
II.  Libary Visits
A.  6th Grade Orientations--At the begining of each school year, the librarian will provide an orientation to the school library for incoming 6th graders. 
B.  Class Visits--Teachers may bring their classes to the Library for research an to check out books.  Please sign up in the library at least one day in advance so that the Librarian may have time to prepare.
C.  Student individual Visits--Students may come to the library during class time if they have a pass from their teacher.  The pass must be signed and dated by the teacher.  Students who misbehave will be sent back to class.  Teachers may send up to 5 students at a time. 
II. Loan Policies
Students may borrow up to 5 books at a time for two weeks at a time.  Magazines may not be checked out.  Students must have a Bancroft Middle School ID to check out books. Late books will be 5 cents per day.  Lost book prices will vary according to the size of the book.  
A.  Videocassettes and CD Roms are available for teachers to borrow.
B.  Copy Machine
C.  Laser Printers

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