Ms. Stephanie Lawrence
Hey kids, looking for a good book?  Try the following:

Emako Blue
From the moment she stands up in chorus auditions and her heavenly voice fills the room, Emako Blue profoundly affects anyone who meets her. But even as Emako draws together new friends and catches the attention of an important record producer, the streets of South Central Los Angeles are never far away, where everything changes in one horrific instant. Source: 

Pictures of Hollis Woods
Artistic 12-year-old Hollis Woods has a habit of running away from foster homes. Now she is staying with Josie, an elderly artist, who wants her and needs her, and Hollis thinks she'll stay for a while. But Hollis worries about Josie's forgetfulness, while also remembering the only other time she was happy in a foster home, with a family that truly seemed to care about her.  Source: 
Sidewalk Story
Into the Wild

Recommended Teacher Reading:
The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls
The Nanny Diaries

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