Mr. Raymundo Armagnac

Analytical Disaccord

Edward Winter

(1996, updated in 1998)

One of the most complex games ever played was Capablanca v Bogoljubow, Moscow, 1925. It has been dissected not only by both players but also by such luminaries as Lasker, Alekhine, Euwe, Spielmann and Tartakower. Many of their comments reflect profound disagreement, as will be seen in the compendium presented below. It was prepared in two stages. After assembling the masters’ assessments, we submitted a draft to Richard Forster, whose detailed comments were then incorporated at numerous stages.

The occasion itself was tense. The game was played in the nineteenth of 21 rounds, at which time the leading positions were: 1. Bogoljubow, 14½ points; 2. Lasker, 12½ points; 3. Capablanca, 11½ points; 4-6. Marshall, Réti and Torre, 10½ points. Capablanca (and Réti) had the handicap of a bye in one of the last three rounds. The Cuban world champion had lost two games to lesser lights (Ilyin-Genevsky and Verlinsky).

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