Eddie Figueroa
Fri May 18 07:53:45 PDT 2007

SAIC swapped the UPS unit from the MDF cabinet on 6/17/2007 which caused a short interruption of service.

The core switch is currently showing a red light on the fan status.  A call has been placed to ITD.

Sat Apr 28 15:39:26 PDT 2007

Whoa!  It's been many moons since I last updated this thing.  There have been many changes to the lab (Room 303) since October of last year.  Most of the old Gateway E3200s have been retired, and as of this post only 4 remain.  I expect to whittle that number down to one. :)

We managed to pick up a mess of IBM Netvista machines, and IBM ThinkCentres to replace most of the machines in the lab.  The good folks over at CNN also donated 6 Dell OptiPlex machines to our school, which allowed me to get rid of even more of the old Gateways.

Right now, I'm just re-imaging most of the machines in the lab.  I picked up an external HDD enclosure with a 120GB HDD to allow me to create Norton Ghost images.  I can now restore a machine in about 20-mins instead of an entire day!

Thu Oct 26 12:52:07 PDT 2006

I'm in the process of adding new machines to the lab in room 303 to replace some of the older Gateway systems.  Some service calls have been placed on hold because of this.  The new systems should be up and running by sometime next week.

Thu Sep 28 12:04:40 PDT 2006

Just a few updates:

  • Copper blade inside the core switch was replaced on 9/15/2006.
  • Room 227: Ports 1 through 6 were switched from student VLAN to admin VLAN on the classroom ethernet switch.  SSIS was also installed on the classroom computer.

Thu Sep 14 17:37:48 PDT 2006

The core switch's copper blade has some fried ethernet ports.  There doesn't seem to be any connectivity problems at the moment.  Although the blade can go full failure at any time.  ITD has been notified of the issue, hopefully they'll replace the faulty blade soon.

Schedule for room 303 is now available.  A current schedule can be found by clicking the link labeled "Computer Lab Schedules."

Tue Sep  5 19:43:17 PDT 2006

Spent most of today resetting passwords and restoring workstations.  ISIS password expirations were nowhere near the levels I was initially expecting, which was good.

Since there have been several class changes some teachers have suddenly found themselves locked out of their classroom computers.  These issues will be dealt with tomorrow.

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