Eddie Figueroa
Teachers and staff using the ISIS system should check their ePALS email on a regular basis. Password expiration notices along with other important ISIS communications are sent via email through ePALS. All teachers and staff who currently access ISIS should already have an ePALS email account.

Anyone using ISIS must also set their account details using the Single Sign-On service. The Single Sign-On webservice will allow you to change your account details such as your ISIS and ePALS password, set your account password hint, and reset your password. The password reset utility will only work unless you have previously set your password hint through Single Sign-On. If you do not know your password hint you will not be able to use the password reset utility, you will need to contact the ITD Helpdesk by telephone. School based support staff (Mr. Armagnac and myself) are not responsible if you are unable to remember, or did not set a password hint through the SSO.

The following links are provided for your convenience:

NOTICE: Single Sign-On is available only through schools, district offices, and LAUSDnet Dial-Up connections.

Inside LAUSD is not tied into Single Sign-On.  You will need to create a new account and password to use Inside LAUSD.  A district email address is required to access Inside LAUSD.

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