Bancroft’s Performing Arts Magnet students will take dance classes; all other students will take physical education classes.
Both classes require students to change from their Dress for Success uniforms into special clothing. Students generally wear shorts or tights for dance class; however P.E. students must wear the required P.E. uniform – navy blue shorts or sweats and the Bancroft t-shirt. Students can purchase P.E. uniforms from the Student Store. Failure to change daily into your P.E. uniform or dance clothes will affect your P.E./dance grade.
It is your responsibility to keep track of your P.E./dance clothes and keep them clean. You will be issued a P.E. locker to store your books and personal belongings during P.E./dance class time only.
At the end of class, you must remove all of your books and personal items from your locker. You will not be given a pass to return to your locker because you forgot something. You should never give your locker combination to anyone or share your locker.
All students are reminded that the school is not responsible for any theft or vandalism that may occur regarding P.E. lockers.

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