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Please keep the following in mind when submitting a memoir:
  • Readability: Make sure your memoir is readable. Excessive use of Internet slang, "l33tsp33k", and StuDlyCaPS will guarantee that your memoir will wind up in the bit bucket. Typing your memoirs in ALLCAPS is annoying, too. Remember, ALLCAPS=SHOUTING.

  • Profanity: Profanity laced memoirs are smacked with the mark of "Disapproved". Don't waste your time, nobody's gonna read 'em.

  • Homepage Links: Check your links because we do too. :) If your post contains links to site(s) that contain content that your wouldn't want your fourteen year old sister seeing, don't post it! We're a school, afterall. Show some respect!

  • Threats: We take threats seriously. Threats against individuals or the school itself will be reported to the proper authorities. Thinking about posting a threat as a prank? Please read the "Privacy" section below.

  • Privacy: Posting a memoir leaves a timestamp along with the IP address of your Internet connection and places a cookie on your machine which uniquely identifies you when visiting

  • Site admins reserve the right to edit or remove memoir postings at any time.

Happy Posting! :)

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