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ePALS Migration

Starting on Monday 3/19/2007, the LAUSD will begin migrating all ePALs users to the email system. The schedule for the migration is attached below.

If your current email ends in "", you will be affected by the migration. Messages placed in the "Inbox" folder of your ePALs account will be automatically transferred to your new inbox on the email system. It is strongly recommended that ePALs users place any important emails that they want saved into the inbox folder, any messages not located in the inbox folder will be deleted during the migration. This only applies if you use the web based interface at

ePALs users using email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird,, etc, should not be affected so long as your email client keeps local copies of all your messages.

More information on the migration is available at this link (ISIS username and password required.)

Files for download:
  • epals_migration_schedule.pdf
  • ePal_to_Exchange_Miigration_Announcement.pdf
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