Sender: Tammy Brower
Posted On: 08/12/2009
Year: 1992

classes of 88-92

I remember tons from Bancroft and I am sure I have forgotten plenty too.. but the happiest time in my life other than having my son were the years I spent at Bancroft. I found friends from other schools I meet new ones and I reunited with still ones... I tried my best to stay cool and be a part of a group but I was a social butterfly from knowing everyone in dance to cadet corps I did it all.. I loved to know people and their stories.. I miss them greatly including all the teachers that taught me most of the stuff that got my thought my life like Mr. Shoemaker, Mr. Connely, Mr. Bialik, Mr.Cordona, Mr. Shakman... And MANY MANY more I loved just about all my teachers NOW.. then I was mad cause they gave me tardies and detention.. But looking back over 25 years ago I felt like a kid and now ... I am glad to say those people made me the mom and wife and adult that I am today.. I miss all of them and all of my friends too from school.. Please contact me if you rememebr me at all.. or have any thing to add or want to go out and have some fun and remember Bancroft..(909)648-3389 P.O.Box 5502 Sugarloaf , California, 92386 or bbw_blu[email protected] re: bancroft school friend or foe info...

Thanks for reminding me that I loved school..

Tammy Brower-Schoonenberg

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