Sender: Emigdio Iglesias
Posted On: 06/08/2009
Year: 2001-2003

Life as it happens.

Wow, how time passes. I remember like it was just yesterday. I would arrive early in the morning, watch the high school kids wait for their bus to school in front of Bancroft. The first bell would ring, an administrator would stand in front of the door to see if you were wearing the proper uniform. At one point checking for odd colors and "tucked shirts." We would all head to class, enjoying first period, second, then homeroom. The announcements would come the pledge of allegiance followed. S.S.R was in full effect, but we all knew that was our socializing time. Then a kid's favorite, nutrition. Running of to the cafeteria lines, others to the infamous student store. That was the place to be or be seen, other joyfully playing in the courts. While other traded their yugioh/pokemon cards. Third period, fourth period followed; middle of the day. The time to go for a walk, the bathroom brakes. Lunch followed, the greatest second time. Finally fifth and sixth period came the teams, you had your beloved coaches Mr. Flynn, the best motivator ever Mr. Cardona, the strict but yet reasonable smart guy Mr. Powell ( whom I might say has done great for himself, from a p.e coach, to the dean, to current Vice Principal. ) with his sarcastic antiques. Yup that was the day of middle school, atleast for me. In exception we had our favorite days, block schedule, short tuesdays. The times how it was great to be young. After school finally we would all say goodbye, some would run to the bus stop on Las Palmas (fairly new in our time. ) The majority would run to catch the Vintage 304 on Santa Monica and Highland. While others couldn't help to stop and grab a bite at the Del Taco, Maggies Donuts 7/11 (were we would be banned ). Other would stay after school with the peers. School finally would close, the jovious memory of day was behind us; time to go do it all over again next day. -emigdio class of 2003

For all my fellow classmates of my year, as you sit reading this you can't help to remember that these were our days and always will be. good luck everyone

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