Sender: Bob Beecher
Posted On: 11/19/2008
Year: 1970-1972

1970-1972: Memories

As a seventh grader, the adjustment to this school was something else. Think of it--you used to be one of the oldest, most "experienced" kids in grade school. You knew it all. No one messed with you.

Then, you enter a world where YOU are on the bottom. You quickly learn NOT to set foot on the "Ninth Grade Patio" or else risk a pummeling. You have to buy gym shorts and a shirt--nothing like that in MY grade school--and share a locker room with other guys.

Shop class. Metal, wood, electric, and drafting. DRAFTING? Okay, we drew stuff very precisely. Nope; didn't do print shop.

The hash lines! Those large, circular cookies that could chip the stucco off the building if you threw it just right.

Mrs. Bring! Oh yes. If you remember her, you know!

Hippest teacher: Miss Landau. Neat lady.

Teacher with best aim: Mr. Shiffrin (threw chalk erasers at dozing kids!)

Of course, my favorite place was in band and orchestra. I learned the trombone at Bancroft and today I am the principal trombonist with the Los Angeles Symphonic Winds. Mr. Abe did a great job with EVERY kid in his classes.

Also, thank you, Mr. Zych (Zygmond Zych--cool, huh?)... he helped spark my interest in aviation. He was a pilot and used to bring in his old airplane magazines for me. Today, I'm a Captain in the USAF Auxiliary, Civil Air Patrol.

I graduated in 1972. This was the last year for the old "Main Building" as it was called. Built in 1929, the two-story, bricksuffered damage from the 1971 Sylmar Earthquake and was demolished. But I still remember walking those halls!

(heard from the school P.A. system) "Thank you. That is all."

-- Mr. Keith Kraft, Boys VP

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