Sender: Levine Mitch
Posted On: 08/14/2008
Year: 1973


Bancroft was loaded with fun-filled memories with good friends and excellent teachers. Remember the laundry company adjacent to the school and when it would periodically belch the lint from its OSHA in those days. Mr. Greenspan was another memorable character. Remember him whacking this iron rod on his desk to gain the attention of his students or closing one window at a time (during a hot day) until students promised to stay quiet. This guy would have been in jail for life if he pulled these pranks in this politically correct society. I'll take the good old days anytime. Speaking of politically correct, how about making ashtrays for our parents in metal shop. How about trying to plug in an electric tester in electric shop only to find it blow up in your hand. How about my gym locker (still remember the combo 27-29-5)situated between Chris Morgenstern and Aubrey Manual. Man, Chris was just that, a super hairy dude with a full beard in 7th grade...I think I had one pubic hair at the time. I loved Bancroft.

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