Sender: Ashley G
Posted On: 04/12/2008
Year: 2006-08

My Years

Haha. Well lets see....umm...I guess I dont know how to start this. Well what can I say the day i got my letter that I got accepted from Bancroft, let say I was "excited." I was happy cause I was going to be with alot of my friends you know. I didn't know about homeroom and periods. I thought it was like Elementary. Well I saw that none of my friends had the same homeroom as me, but I met new friends. I'm going to meet new friends again in high school. My 6th grade year was like whatever. Everything was new to me. My teachers were Mr.Tureen, Ms.Smithwick, and Ms.Hula. Journals every Friday, lol. 7th grade year!!! Woo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally loved that year. Different teachers 6th different teachers. Ms.Goh, Ms.Rauch, Ms.Hula, Mr.Amar, Mr.Villanueva(his story of how he got his name!!), and Mr.Combs(Bill Nye the science guy). That year was awsome!!. Got my first crushes there awwwww. It was a crazy year!!! We felt like newbies and oldies(in da middle). Now 8th grade. let me express my self. Yeesss!!!!!!!!! My last year. Spirit week, magic mountain, and so on!!!! The year '08!! Woop Woop. Tearchers Mr.Cruz, Mr.Kenney, Ms.Van Minnen, Mr.Adrian, and Mr.Dickey(makes me laugh l;ike crazy).

Gosh Im going to miss Bancroft MS. All these years. All these memories!!

Well if you wanna chat my email is there

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