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Posted On: 02/10/2008
Year: 1988-1990

Mrs. Van Minnen is the Best

I was part of the magnet program during those years and Mrs. Van Minnen was my dance teacher. I had a passion for dance and this kind of school was the best place for me. I could not only dance but my academics flourished under the fine teachers at Bancroft.

Mrs. Van Minnen was without a doubt the best teacher I have ever had. Down to earth and tough. She never let me quit anything and always forced me to do my best. She taught me that it was alright to love something like dance and shine when you work really hard to be good at it. There is no greater joy than feeling that level of self confidence. I have carried that into every situation in my life from that point forward.

As the only daughter being raised by a single father who was rather clueless.....I have to say that she changed my life forever by taking a personal interest in me and even expressing to my father how important it was to support me in my goals and passions. It was the first time I realized a teacher could care that way. I will always have gratitude and love for Bancroft and Dina Van Minnen.

The years that I spent at Bancroft were some of the best times in my life. Thank you.

Amelia (MIA)

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