Sender: Ashley Motley
Posted On: 12/06/2007
Year: 1985

Bancroft Eighties Flashback

I certainly did have my memorable school years at Bancroft!!!! During the years of Adam Ant, Duran Duran, Cyndi Lauper, when Michael Jackson was hot (and black), when Madonna was like a virgin, and before George Michael came out of the closet....there I was wearing my black stirrup leggings with mix matched flourescent socks and coordinating baggy sweatshirt. Our dances..."The kids American" with the spray paint, performing at the mall to "Somewhere", cute pink boa and a chair to "I've got a crush on you", and "won't you charleston with me". It was definately the time of Members only jackets and pegged pants and Salt-N-Peppa leather jackets. Our performance of Michael Jackson's Thriller rocked the house. My friends on the 9th grade patio, I will always remember you....Gabriel Gonzalez (of course) and his sister Martha, Ethan Wilson (dancing with the picture of the pig), Ashley Painter, Christina Dillon, Rowdy Metzgar, Rhonda Dugger, and especially my wildest and most memorable friend Marla (I can't remember her last name because we always referred to her as Marla Metzgar when they dated)....there were so many other names that I have forgotten, but the faces and the memories of 22 years ago remain. My junior high years were AWESOME!!!! And of course to the most awesome dance teacher...Ms Van Minnen...CHEERS!!! We DID rock the Eighties!

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