Sender: Demetrius Fair
Posted On: 11/16/2007
Year: 1994-1996


Bancroft is pretty much my real first launching pad into the career I have now. I started BMS in 1994 in the 7th Grade (This is the first year Elementary School started K-5 instead of K-6). I had Mr. Luke Martin as my first real "TV Class" on the 3rd Floor in the "jail bulding" lol. I began showing more and more interest in the camera and editing where before you know it, I was filming 8th grade shows, activities, games and editing them as well. I'm not sure if BMS has this program still.

All my friends use to call me the TV man and can you guys believe that I am really doing it now professionally working with Disney, Superstation WGN, Tv One.

I have my own IMDB page at:

I'm OUT!!!!

Take care yall

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