Sender: Jessica Mendez
Posted On: 09/17/2007
Year: 2006

6th grade memories

man 6th grade wuz awsome!

i got to make SO many new friends dat year

friends dat have been kind and caring...

most of the friends i made in 6th grade i still talk to as an 8th grader.

right now the person who i consider my best friend is SHEILA RUBI ICO-DIAZ!

she is so awsome!

i met her in 6th grade =]

i have learned many things from her.......

my other friend SAMANTHA JOCELIN HERNANDEZ unfortunately moved and only spent a year in bancroft =[

i'm still in touch with her tho!

i love her so much!

so yeah!

my advice to u all!

keep your friends!

treasure them!

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