Sender: Joey Garcia
Posted On: 05/29/2007
Year: 2007

8th graders of '07

I've been at bancroft middle school for 3 years now, and I gotta say, Its been a blast! Through the good and the bad times there, I enjoyed myself. I love all my friends that I have made there. when I first went to Bancroft, I didn't like it. Eventually, I liked it and it was the beginning of 7th grade. I had already reunited with old friends, and made new ones. Some of my best friends at Bancroft are Neida, Kristina, Dennis, Janett, and many more. Alot of people have been there for me when I needed them the most..I love my girlfriend Priscilla Mendoza..When I first met her at bancroft, we were really close friends and then next thing you know, were together. We've been together for 5 months now, and I thank Bancroft for letting us meet. I am almost done with my 8th grade year, so I'm trying to enjoy evey single day at Bancroft that I have left. I love all my friends there, and I Love You Priscilla!!

GO CLASS OF '07!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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