Sender: Yessenia Martinez
Posted On: 05/20/2006
Year: 2006


I had a great time and they were 14 kids plus me it was 15 and there was 2 adults there kids from Washington and there was some realy nice people. I got to talk to differnet I got to talk to kids that we didn't even know them. Well I had a great time and there we saw like 4 profroms an they were: Footlose, We Will Rock You, Blue Man Group, and Stomp. They were great proforms and they would be the bomb!!!!We got to eat really good food and their was one that was a dinner a 5 middle even dinner and they made Misael dance in a girl things and they would make him wear a apron and this little hat and they would be so funny but there were much more funny things going on. We had a great time but even Ms. Tinti is not here next year we will always rember Ms. Tinti and this was a beat EF Tour Trip so I hope I could see Ms. Tinti next year.We will miss MS. TINTI NEXT YEAR. We will miss you soooooooooooo much!!!!!

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