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8th Grade Culmination Requirements

Culmination is rapidly approaching and there will be many activities for our eligible 8th grade students. Our students have been informed on the eligibility requirements for participation in the culmination and in the special activities. This has been communicated to parents as well as to our students in our continuous grade level meetings. Please familiarize yourself with the culmination and activity requirements listed below. Students have been advised to participate in various after-school intervention or homework assistance programs early in the school year if they anticipate difficulty in meeting academic requirements. A Culmination and Appeals Committee has been established at the school site to address concerns brought forward by parents and school staff. If a students does not meet minimum culmination requirements, an appeal request may be made in June. If you have additional questions or need clarifications on any of our requirements, please contact your child's counselor at (323) 993-3400. On June 9, 2008 the final ineligible list of students not meeting culmination requirements will be available to students. Parents will be notified via letters sent by school mail if their child does not meet our culmination requirements. The culmination ceremony will be held on June 19, 2008.

The Culmination Requirements:
  1. Earn 50 credits in their 8th grade year (no more than 2 fails for the year)
  2. Receive no more than 6 U's combined on the Fall and Spring final report card. Receive no more than 3 U's in cooperation on the Spring final report card.
English Learners in ESL courses must meet the following requirements:
  • No more than one semester fail in an ESL class during 8th grade.

Activity Requirements:
  1. Have a minimum of a 2.0 Grade Point Average on the spring semester's 10-week report card.
  2. Receive no more than 2 U's with no more than 1 U for cooperation on the spring semester's 10-week report card.
  3. Clear all textbook and library book fines for lost or damaged books.
If a student does not meet minimum culmination requirements an Appeals Process can be initiated in June 2008.

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